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September 2013

Mike Stoane Testimonial

by Dev Direct on September 30, 2013

Dear Mr Kitchen,
It was a great experience working with you all and the result is brilliant, (if a little girlie for me) Jo loves it and that’s what matters. She no longer moans about cooking my tea day after day. It’s a really practical kitchen, especially the quartz work surface with under slung sink, which shrugs off water, hot pans and Friday night curry stains. It’s a joy to clean. It’s well laid out of course, with everything being close at hand, despite it being a big room. Visually, you’ve struck a balance between simple functionality and swishy bling. Even the touch latches have stopped annoying me!
You have done a superb job of assessing what we as a fairly confusing family unit want and then steering us in the right direction. Telling us we don’t want a washing machine in the kitchen and leaving it at that would have earned you the tag of ‘precious designer’ but suggesting the genius solution that became the laundry pod is way beyond the call of duty as kitchen designer. It works magnificently and wish I came up with the idea myself!
With her new kitchen in place, a new living room where the dining room used to be and two new bathrooms, my hi-fi den living room is no longer a sore point. And compared to the overall cost of this renovation, I can spend as much as I like on a new stylus without it even registering. Some would say it has been a very convoluted and expensive way of improving my hi-fi, but that’s a selfish way of looking at it. I get my tea on the table every night too. Strangely my cooking, which used to be quite good on a Saturday night, has dived in quality, and the only place I can cook well is in my airstream; as long as nobody else is there and it’s not raining.
Many thanks to you, to Jenny, Sean, Andrew and co for your first rate attention, customer service and for a great result at a no nonsense price. You are by a long way the best kitchen company I have ever experienced and as you know as a designer it was always going to be difficult for me to find a designer that I knew was going to do the right thing. I dreaded doing the whole thing but actually really enjoyed it in the end!
Thanks again.
You’re quite a special bunch.
Mike Stoane

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Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Award Finalists 2013

by Dev Direct on September 11, 2013

Designer Kitchen Bathroom Awards 2013
Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Award Finalists 2013 will be announced on the 30th September.
Following on from Colin’s success at the awards last year our team of designers at Development Direct are hoping to emulate Colin’s achievement.
The Designer Kitchen & Bathroom Awards will be held at the Pavillion under the stunning backdrop of the Tower of London.

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Colin Wong’s stunning award winning designs on a development project at Mavisbank Grange in Midlothian feature in this months issue of I-On Edinburgh.

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