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Kitchen Design of the Year 2010

by Dev Direct on November 23, 2010


Runner-up in the awards for Kitchen Design of the Year

After a great Gala presentation at Lords Cricket Ground, we came a close runner-up in the awards for Kitchen Design of the Year.
Really was a great day and it was nice to receive the award from the BBC’s architectural broadcaster Dan Cruikshank.
The Simon Taylor award for Lifetime Achievement was deservedly won by Marc Newson, the iconic Australian designer who we have always recognised as being extremely quirky and original.

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Hacker Trip / Blofeld to Mango Yellow!

by Dev Direct on October 18, 2010


Every year our design team makes the trek to Rodinghausen, Germany to visit one of our kitchen suppliers, Hacker. Hacker are always at the forefront of introducing new and innovative designs to the market and this year they certainly upped the ante and didn’t disappoint.
I was fairly excited at this year’s offerings after the catching a glimpse of the product line at this year’s Eurocucina in Milan and was glad to see that all the concept offerings in Milan will make it through to production.
I was fortunate to have the foresight to take photos of all the new products as our amiable hosts have the uncanny knack of plying us with barrels of German nectar over the two days leaving us a little weary and forgetful at the end of the trip!
What really stood out from the trip was the new Emotion range of modular ‘ ipod ‘ design stations- simple but extremely striking. The other single element that excited me was the futuristic glass vented ‘climber’ wall units.
The unit opens with a simple touch and all the individual glass vents move individually vertically and group at the top.(you’ll understand it when you see it !) I really can’t emphasis how sexy and James Bondy this unit is but all that seemed to be missing was the bald fella in the corner stroking his pussy cat!
I’ve ordered 3 for my studio so give us a couple of months and you can see it in the flesh. Some beautiful door finishes have also been introduced but the one that distinctly stands out is the new Basalt grey ceramic door ( yes – ceramic! )
From a design perspective this door opens up a whole new sharp yet discreet design possibilities for my design team as they also have introduced a matching worktop. So if you can imagine if we made the doors totally handle-less and topped it with the matching worktop then islands etc can virtually become like a minimal stone art form in an open plan living space – extremely strong statements can be achieved without being ‘trendy’.
Not everything Hacker do is flawless and although they got very excited about 2 of their new doors, I felt they had missed the mark with their high gloss lilac and mango yellow doors. Maybe more suited to some high street kitchen sheds but discerning clients looking for sharp German classic contemporary design won’t give it the time of day.
I always promise not to eat and drink so much on these trips but these Germans are oh so persuasive ! Thanks to Stephen Fass and his team for looking after us so well !

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Hacker Climber Kitchen Unit Video

by Dev Direct on October 12, 2010


So many manufacturers bring out new products that we all get very excited about, but this one really takes the biscuit!
In our design circle, there really isn’t a sexier kitchen unit in existence!!

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