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Mike Stoane Testimonial

by Dev Direct on September 30, 2013

Dear Mr Kitchen,
It was a great experience working with you all and the result is brilliant, (if a little girlie for me) Jo loves it and that’s what matters. She no longer moans about cooking my tea day after day. It’s a really practical kitchen, especially the quartz work surface with under slung sink, which shrugs off water, hot pans and Friday night curry stains. It’s a joy to clean. It’s well laid out of course, with everything being close at hand, despite it being a big room. Visually, you’ve struck a balance between simple functionality and swishy bling. Even the touch latches have stopped annoying me!
You have done a superb job of assessing what we as a fairly confusing family unit want and then steering us in the right direction. Telling us we don’t want a washing machine in the kitchen and leaving it at that would have earned you the tag of ‘precious designer’ but suggesting the genius solution that became the laundry pod is way beyond the call of duty as kitchen designer. It works magnificently and wish I came up with the idea myself!
With her new kitchen in place, a new living room where the dining room used to be and two new bathrooms, my hi-fi den living room is no longer a sore point. And compared to the overall cost of this renovation, I can spend as much as I like on a new stylus without it even registering. Some would say it has been a very convoluted and expensive way of improving my hi-fi, but that’s a selfish way of looking at it. I get my tea on the table every night too. Strangely my cooking, which used to be quite good on a Saturday night, has dived in quality, and the only place I can cook well is in my airstream; as long as nobody else is there and it’s not raining.
Many thanks to you, to Jenny, Sean, Andrew and co for your first rate attention, customer service and for a great result at a no nonsense price. You are by a long way the best kitchen company I have ever experienced and as you know as a designer it was always going to be difficult for me to find a designer that I knew was going to do the right thing. I dreaded doing the whole thing but actually really enjoyed it in the end!
Thanks again.
You’re quite a special bunch.
Mike Stoane

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Janice & Dougie Collins Testimonial

by Dev Direct on September 1, 2013

“Dear Colin and the all staff at Development Direct,
Janice and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the marvelous job you have done. We were building a new open plan house and wanted the interior to do justice to the exterior. Having previously lived in a traditional bungalow in Corstorphine the prospects were both exciting and daunting.
Initially we were going to consult with another kitchen company, but on recommendation by our builder we were fortunate enough to meet with Colin at Development Direct. The decision was a no brainer. Colin your enthusiasm, vision, creative style and relaxed manner sealed the deal.
THE KITCHEN IS ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS, both friends and family have commented on how amazing it looks. Not only did you design the kitchen but went on to help design our en suite, bathroom, downstairs cloakroom and open plan living area!!
You have an amazing team. Jenny nothing was ever a problem with ordering last minute extras, providing stone, floor and tile samples or popping in to ask yourself, Shaun and Aster’s help. The joiners, Andrew and Carl, Robert the tiler and Chris the plasterer were all excellent tradesmen. They were punctual, friendly, efficient and trustworthy.
Colin we cannot praise you highly enough for all the professional help you have given us. Through you attention to detail and design, not only did you give us a beautiful bespoke kitchen but helped us create a lovely home.
As a Chartered Surveyor I am delighted with the standard of your team’s finishing. Development Direct deserve the accolades they are presently being awarded and I would highly recommend this company.
Many Thanks and all the best for the future.”

Janice and Dougie Collins
July/August 2013

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Tatiana Kornienko & Professor Ed Hopkins Testimonial

by Dev Direct on August 25, 2013

“We discovered Development Direct literally just as we were about to sign up with Kitchens International. And so glad we did – nothing bad to say about KI (they were very good), but the guys from DD are amazing – top notch, high class.

Their team is a superb collection of artistic talent, intuition, common sense, organizational skills, – and sense of humour! Not only they have a fantastic sense of style and practicality, but they also had the guts to tell us exactly where and when our ideas would not work, of course in a polite and charming fashion.

We had complex design and scheduling issues in that the kitchen was going into a completely new location as part of a major renovation. Colin, Jenny, Ross and Sean were amazingly patient with the difficulties involved, our stubbornness and disorganization (and occasional fits of panic), and their fitters Andrew and Carl are exacting and accurate.

As the result, our brand new kitchen is a piece of art – we are extremely happy with it, and our guests keep complimenting it. Big THANK YOU to all the team, we love you.”

Tatiana Kornienko & Professor Ed Hopkins

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