Kitchen Furniture: Hacker Classic


Hacker Classic

Development Direct bring the renown German manufacturer, Hacker to Edinburgh. Hacker offer cutting edge design supported by their internationally recognised reliability and build quality. Often specified by architects, their furniture often features in the top ten of the annual German furniture assessment & testing awards.

Their carcase utilises the premium quality water resistant ‘PUResist’ technology enhancing protection against moisture penetration in all areas and there are also an environmentally conscious company introducing technology like water-based lacquers.

The handleless ‘Art’ range is also a true German handleless range utilising premium stainless steel channels whilst still maintaining a solid slab door. Cheaper handleless alternatives in the market use touch latches and/or rebated doors where the handle is recessed out of the door.

Simply put, not all German kitchens are the same and the Hacker product offering is a clear indication of this.

5 year warranty