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by Dev Direct on May 19, 2015

Colin Wong Developmnt Direct

Colin Wong, creative director at Development Direct in Edinburgh, on some of the random ideas and unexpected places that inspire his kitchen and bathroom designs

Where does inspiration come from? There’s an old saying that luck is 90% preparation and 10% opportunity. I am a believer that the same principle holds true for inspiration. Unfortunately, inspiration doesn’t just happen for me. I need to put in the groundwork and actively look for it.

Keeping alert to inspiration in the most obscure of places has resulted in my becoming something of a Post-It note freak. I have brightly-coloured packs lying around in every room – and I mean every room, loo included.

I’ve learnt the hard way that ideas, images, concepts and sought-after answers will flutter through my mind with no advance notice and if I don’t jot it down there and then, it’s gone in a blink. When I hit the inevitable design brick wall, I reach for my trusty plastic bag of Post-It notes and there is always something there to provide a kick-start. I know it’s eccentric, but it works for me.

Many of my most inspired ideas have come from my travels and exploring how the cultures of other countries affect my senses and mood. Perhaps the romance of an unfamiliar environment reawakens the inner child, but I find that often my mind is more open, more sentimental, and perhaps even a little fluffy.


The beauty of our industry is that it is full of great individuals, each with their own driving forces and unique sources of inspiration, and that is something we should all embrace. This should mean we have a cauldron of eclectic design minds conjuring all manner of designs that don’t rely purely on fancy furniture, but bring into play innovative, spatial design coupled with original detailing.

These original thoughts should be encouraged to flourish by the big bosses. Creative design is not just for the big-ticket designers of big-ticket furniture, but should exist at all levels of the market.

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