Do you ‘eat to live’ or ‘live to eat’?

by Dev Direct on March 28, 2015

Colin Wong Development Direct Utopia Magazine

Colin Wong, creative director, Development Direct asks are you an ‘eat to live’ or a ‘live to eat’ sort of person? Why? Because your kitchen needs to reflect this…

Kitchens come in many forms, as do the clients that grace my Edinburgh studio bringing with them all manner of interesting requests (perhaps a blog for another day!). I like to draw comparisons between early meetings with clients and intensive speed dating sessions; both parties are working out if we can make design love together or perhaps the beginnings of another Colin Wong voodoo doll – and there are few of them out there!

Of course, I must respect the lifestyles of all my clients and whilst I may try to encourage good habits, it is very clear that clients fall into two distinct categories: ‘live to eat’ and ‘eat to live’.

Let’s start with my clients who live to eat. These clients are close to my heart; food is my love and I relate to this rationale. However, these clients can become focused on function alone and neglect the aesthetic form of their new kitchen.

I’ve also found that many live-to-eaters are somewhat messy individuals with an inevitable collection of apparatus and ingredients, which can be problematic in today’s open-plan living spaces.

I like to compare them to mad scientists, blinkered by the magical concoction in front of them and oblivious to the voice of their understanding partner who, whilst loving their partner’s heavenly food, would like a little organisation and sanity in their new space.

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