Inspirational or commercial?

by Dev Direct on June 26, 2014

kbbreview Awards 2014

Claims from leading retailers in the May issue of kbbreview that kitchen design in the UK is stagnating under the weight of commercial pressure has triggered an interesting debate.

Inevitably, manufacturers and marketeers have taken an opposing view, citing plenty of worthy examples of where British design is still alive and kicking.

But to be fair, that wasn’t really the wider point of what designers Rob Mascari, of Mascari Kitchens in Nottingham, and Colin Wong, design director of Development Direct in Edinburgh, were trying to say. borrow the view of Colin Wong – an experienced multi award-winning British designer (so hardly naïve) – if talent was allowed to cooperate more closely with these manufacturers, then surely the industry would have a better chance of moving forward, as it has in Italy and Scandanavia.

“Why should Eurocucina be so much more inspiring than kbb Birmingham?” he asks. “It simply doesn’t need to be the case.”

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