kbbreview Awards 2014 Ceremony Is Only Days Away!

by Dev Direct on March 1, 2014

kbbreview Awards 2014

With the 20th anniversary of the KBB awards at the Hilton Birmingham less than a week away, our team are working till the wee hours trying to complete projects so we can descend on the awards with no work worries on our minds.

The boss-man isn’t saying much about the awards despite being up for 3 but he made a quick quip saying the judges have already made their decisions so being nervous won’t help!

Never mind, we’re being nervous on his behalf as it would be great to win! ( well -one at least!) We had to remind him to get his haircut and to pick up his suit as he thought it was a fortnight away! #*

Anyway the rest of the team are all geared and ready to go : facials- check, manicures- check, tux rentals – check, sedatives- check( martin is totally petrified of flying so the bossman bought him a flight to conquer his fear- should be interesting! )

One last thing, we will need to make sure the bossman doesn’t sleep through his alarm and miss the flight – again! We couldn’t believe he missed the flight to the big judging day at RIBA in February but as ever, he pulled through and landed on his feet!

Hopefully next Tuesday will be another lucky day for us all! ‘

Asta Young-Smith
‎Studio manager

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