Introducing The Rock concept created by Colin Wong.

by Dev Direct on March 20, 2018


Kitchen art..

Kitchen architecture..

Introducing, The Rock concept created by Colin Wong.

The Rock concept is the creation of a personalised kitchen sculpture designed to connect and respect its surroundings.

Like a commissioned piece of art, each Rock is totally unique, crafted to sit proudly within the space. Today’s kitchen industry is often reliant on current trends which can often ‘timestamp’ a kitchen. The concept removes the primary focus off the cabinetry on to the form itself….. creating timeless kitchen architecture.

By commissioning your personalised Rock and cloaking it in your selected material, the chosen furniture can then be simply ‘slotted’ into place with ease. Designed to last generations, furniture could simply be interchanged whilst the Rock sculpture remains timeless and truly individual.

“The concept’s goal is to hand the power back to designers to create more thought provoking designs which have a real sense of permanence. It would give me much joy to see great design available to all and not just the elite. Personalisation is the key. Whether you clad your Rock in semi-precious stone, laminate or recycled scrap, the emphasis is on the form. The concept encourages designers from all walks of life, whether it be artisan blacksmiths or pop-artists to leave their mark on the design landscape.”

Colin Wong

“My inspiration really came from wanting to add more individuality to the kitchen industry. When I was a young boy, I used to draw crazy concept cars, often with gun turrets and flame thrower buttons and something in my mind truly believed that they would one day become reality.

Nowadays, I still find myself still doodling and designing concept kitchen islands which was really just because of my love for design. So when the KBB exhibition organisers approached me to bring my concept to life, I was like a child again.”

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