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Design, quality and functionality are the forces that drive Rotpunkt. They strive to set new standards, employ cutting edge technology and provide more and better components and fittings. They were established in 1930 and since then have fulfilled our customers’ requirements and their requests not only for design and décor, but also for longevity and functionality.

As a family-run company with a long tradition, they are situated in the cradle of the German furniture and kitchen industry (the so-called chipboard valley) with 3 production plants. From here we supply our merchandise to more than 20 countries world-wide.

Those who choose a Rotpunkt kitchen do so because they expect top quality and find this in our kitchens. Colour fidelity, precision engineering and overall perfect workmanship are always our aim, as well as the longevity that results from this.

To achieve this selfimposed very high standard, we rely on a mixture of industrial production and individual workmanship. This, coupled with a thorough quality control, results in an end product which convinces our customers.