Anne Wheeldon Testimonial

by Dev Direct on February 4, 2013

“I just had to tell you – it takes my breath away! It’s beautiful, it’s functional, it’s elegant and I am so happy with what you, Jenny and all the great guys working for you have done.
I think I’ll buy a lottery ticket and when I win the Euro millions I’ll plead with you to come back and apply your flair and creativity to the rest of my house!! I can’t tell you how much this has lifted me.
It’s like getting your dreams made real – but better because, as I told you months ago, you have taken what I imagined to a level I hadn’t even thought possible.
I don’t know how to thank you … and yes …I know the job’s not finished yet and there are still things that can go wrong, but I’m pretty damn sure you’ll sort that out if and when it happens.
I so love my new kitchen!
Thank you so so much!”
Best wishes
Anne Wheeldon

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