Dr Arvind & Beena Veiraiah Testimonial

by Dev Direct on December 5, 2012

We asked a lot of our friends and searched the internet and other sources for companies that we should ask to work on our new house and we had so many positive recommendations about your company. Beena was very impressed when you came to visit the house the first time because you were thorough with your measurements, and surveyed what exactly needed changing or improvising given the age of our property. You pointed out that we would need a new fuse board and smoke/heat detectors through the rest of the house for the building warrant – things which some of the other companies did not talk about. She was also very pleased that you understood the needs of an Indian family – spaces for our special blender and food processor and good extraction to deal with the various aromas, etc.

You were genuinely hospitable and child-friendly when we visited your office, which gave us a good idea of who we were going to be dealing with and you were particular of the quality/durability of the materials to be used in our kitchen. We really liked the designs you drew up and it was clear from the very beginning that you would tell us if something we thought we wanted would not really suit the house and our lifestyles.

It was very useful to go through each minute detail of the plan before we agreed to go ahead with the project. I was also reassured that every little detail that could be predicted was costed for and signed off right at the beginning. We were particularly impressed( thankful) when you offered to pay for an additional beam that could not be predicted before the work started due to differing structural drawings and to pay for labour costs for unexpected work in the new en-suite, with us only paying for additional material in this instance. All the carpets ended up ok despite all the dust from the major structural works because you had to foresight to either remove or cover all the surfaces with plywood during the work. Most importantly, you never even chased us when there was a delay in getting the bank loan that was to pay for your work!

All your team who came to do the work in the house were friendly and extremely capable. Overall the quality of the work was great. The one thing that could have been done better was that the electrician forgot to replace the top of the skirting boards when he was rewiring the tv and electrical points in the Drawing-room. Maybe he could of given us the option to run the cable on top of the skirtings to avoid removing them.

However, the most important feedback that we can give you is that we love the finished product, our friends like it, and the price was very reasonable for the quality of the work.

Many thanks,
Dr Arvind and Beena Veiraiah

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