Tatiana Kornienko & Professor Ed Hopkins Testimonial

by Dev Direct on August 25, 2013

“We discovered Development Direct literally just as we were about to sign up with Kitchens International. And so glad we did – nothing bad to say about KI (they were very good), but the guys from DD are amazing – top notch, high class.

Their team is a superb collection of artistic talent, intuition, common sense, organizational skills, – and sense of humour! Not only they have a fantastic sense of style and practicality, but they also had the guts to tell us exactly where and when our ideas would not work, of course in a polite and charming fashion.

We had complex design and scheduling issues in that the kitchen was going into a completely new location as part of a major renovation. Colin, Jenny, Ross and Sean were amazingly patient with the difficulties involved, our stubbornness and disorganization (and occasional fits of panic), and their fitters Andrew and Carl are exacting and accurate.

As the result, our brand new kitchen is a piece of art – we are extremely happy with it, and our guests keep complimenting it. Big THANK YOU to all the team, we love you.”

Tatiana Kornienko & Professor Ed Hopkins

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